Dog Food

It’s time to start feeling good about what you’re feeding your furriest family members. After all, they deserve the best! That’s why we offer a wide variety of healthy grain and grain-free pet food options by brands that understand that the best food is grown sustainably and naturally. The food that we offer here at the Northwest Pet Resort is held to the highest standards in quality and nutrition, and if we wouldn’t feed it to our own pets, we wouldn’t offer it to yours. 

We are proud to offer kibble from Nature’s Logic, a true pioneer of the pet food industry. This company single handedly created the first and only full line kibble, canned, and raw frozen pet food in the world with absolutely no chemically-synthesized ingredients. This massive advancement in the industry made it possible to ensure that your pet is never exposed to the potential toxic effects associated with man-made chemicals. This 100% natural pet food contains probiotics and enzymes that can help aid in digestion, and is always free of corn, wheat, rice, soy, peas, tapioca, and potato, making it ideal for pets with sensitive tummies.
Another brand that we are proud to offer is Open Farm, a family-run pet food brand that provides healthy and delicious options for both dogs and cats. Their food features a limited set of premium proteins, fruits, and veggies that are raised sustainably. Open Farm also partners with leading animal welfare organizations to help create more humane farming and sustainable fishing standards. Every bag of Open Farm pet food is fully traceable to each ingredient’s origin, too!  

Our pet food brands source premium ingredients that provide more nutritious food that you can feel good about buying because it comes from a good place. Humane, sustainable, and natural, just as food should be.  

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  • Natures Logic
  • Victor Hipro Plus