Silver Gate Whole Elk Antler 7-8" (XL)


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Silver Gate Antlers believes in supplying pet lovers with nothing but the best for their beloved canine companions! Your pup is bound to love our all natural premium elk antler dog chews, made from premium grade A antler. Grade A antler is the safest, freshest, longest-lasting, and most nutrient-packed of all available antlers, making it the “best of the best” in terms of antler quality. Our antlers have been hand collected, cut, sanded, and sorted for quality. We use only naturally shed antlers in the making of our products, meaning no animals are ever harmed!

All Natural & Sustainable: We believe in products that are sourced in nature, free from antibiotics, chemicals, preservatives, fillers, or other additives. Our antlers are packed with a natural source of calcium, phosphorous, zinc, and manganese.

A Healthy Alternative: Antlers are a safe, all natural alternative to chemically treated and processed treats such as bully sticks, pigs ears, and dangerous rawhide bones.

Passion for Pets: We have a passion for pets, and we care about their health and wellness. We hope that you share this passion with us and give our all natural antler chew a try today, your dog will love you for it!

Size Chart

Small: For Dogs 1-20lbs
Medium: For Dogs 20-40lbs
Large: For Dogs 40-60lbs
Extra-Large: For Dogs 60+ lbs
Giant: For Dogs 80+ lbs
Give your dog a taste of the wild! Order now!

Key Benefits of Elk Antler Dog Chews
Product of the USA
Healthy, all natural chews that are never treated with chemicals, dyes, formaldehyde or bleach
Made from 100% naturally shed premium grade “A” North American antler
Long lasting, odor free, non-allergenic, non-staining chew that dogs are naturally attracted to, great for indoors or outdoors!
Perfect for power chewers, and for dogs who just love to chew! Supports muscle, bone and joint health
Great dental chew for tartar control. Helps to keep teeth clean, avoiding expensive teeth cleanings
Contains a variety of healthy, beneficial nutrients, including calcium, zinc, potassium, phosphorus, and manganese
An organic, natural alternative to processed chews, just as nature intended!
Additional Information:
As with any dog chew or treat, always be sure to supervise your dog and remove and replace the chew when it becomes small enough to pose a choking hazard.
Antler Chews are a natural product, and will vary in size, shape, density, weight, and color.


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